Republican Traitors

Boycott the Traitors in the Republican Party

By Bill Keck

Here is my current traitors list:

Stuart Stevens
SE Cupp
Mitt Romney
Rick Wilson
Bill Kristol
Anna Navarro
Magaret Hoover
Steven Hayes
Roger Ailes
Karl Rove
George Will
Amanda Carpenter
Rich Lowry
Charles Krauthammer
Koch brothers
Tara Olivia Setmayer
Rick Wilson

I have a new policy. Whenever one of these traitors goes on television to bang on Trump or claim that they will not vote for him under any circumstances, as Stuart Stevens has again tonight, I’m changing the channel. I will instantly punish the news channel that gives these traitors an open platform to bang on Trump.

Sooner or later, the networks will see their ratings drop when these people are on and that will be the end of that. Now note that I’m not complaining about criticism against Trump, that is healthy. I can even put up with the viciousness, but I expect it to come from democrats and liberals, not republicans.

All this talk of never Trump or a contested convention is garbage. If Trump doesn’t get the required number of delegates, he will still have the most delegates and he will be the nominee.

Even the idiots on CNN and FOX are admitting that while it’s possible for Cruz to win enough delegates to the be the nominee, the probability is very low. He didn’t carry a single state last night. How is he going to do in New York? California? These are monster, winner-take-all states and Trump is going to win them.

The traitors, on the other hand, are pushing a false narrative where they think there are alternative paths to the nomination. I don’t think in their core that they actually believe it. They are still in phase of denial. It will pass.

At any rate, I think Trump canceling the next FOX debate was a good move. Why put up with more attacks from weaker candidates that have no chance?

I hope the traitor boycott catches on. We need let them know how we feel and hit them where it counts, their paychecks…

Trump Wins Big

Trump Wins Big, taking Florida, North Carolina and Illinois

By Bill Keck

Trump had a fantastic night on Tuesday March 15, 2016, taking Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, and Missouri. Kasich took Ohio, his home state. Rubio lost Florida, his home state, and promptly dropped out of the race.

Rubio had previously threatened to run around in a pickup truck if necessary to continue the fight. But losing his home state by 20 points must have been very sobering and he opted for an early exit, which was a wise move. At least he leaves with some dignity.

Cruz didn’t win a single state. This is a sign of things to come.

Notably, Trump won big in Illinois, which of course includes Chicago, the scene of the violent disruption of the Trump campaign event last Friday. So despite all the negative media coverage, in which both FOX news and CNN tried to blame Trump for the violence, the people sided with Trump.

The media really thinks we are so stupid to believe something like that. I’m pretty sure that when they unfairly blame Trump, it actually helps him. It paid off tonight.

Although the media pundits don’t want to admit it, Trump is on his way to the nomination. So while Amanda Carpenter and Anna Navarro sit on CNN talking about how Trump will never unite the party, people like David Axlerod and Gloria Borgia are pointing out that Trump keeps winning. It’s pretty sad when the democrats are making a more convincing case for Trump’s eventual nomination than the so-called republican pundits. What a bunch of traitors.

On FOX news, Steven Hayes is floating the idea of a 3rd party run as an alternative to Trump. It’s a ridiculous idea and there is no candidate as of yet who would try it. And does anyone remember a guy named John Anderson? He ran as an independent against Carter and Reagan and got 2% of the vote. Ross Perot ran as an independent and took the election away from Bush and gave it to Clinton. Ralph Nader ran as independent against Bush and Gore, pulling votes from Gore, and Bush ended up winning.

In any case, 3rd party is not viable for anything other than a spoiler candidate. We all know this and these establishment republicans aren’t fooling anyone. If they don’t like Trump, they should just vote for Hillary directly because if they don’t vote for the republican, they are voting for Hillary anyway.

Anyway, this is just establishment noise, it’s not going to happen. Trump will unite the party when he clinches the nomination, even if that happens in June.

And when confronted between the choice of Trump or Hillary, anyone with a brain is going to vote Trump. It’s just that simple. No one is going to stand by and let the Clintons destroy the country. That’s just not going to happen.

This was a great day for Trump and the movement he has inspired. Despite the relentless attacks and millions of dollars spent against him in attack ads, Trump is winning. This is a testament to the wisdom of the American people to do the right thing.

Bitter Arguments Before Key Primaries

Tense Media Coverage on Trump before Ohio and Florida Vote

By Bill Keck

CNN and FOX news have engaged in a non-stop smear campaign against Trump, culminating tonight, on the eve of winner-takes-all primaries in Florida and Ohio. Since the army of protestors disrupted a cancelled Trump campaign event on Friday, the media has accused Trump of inciting violence.

So the two big themes they have been running is that Trump incites violence and that he is a liar. They parade one pundit after another to attack Trump and cast him in the most negative light possible, making him responsible for a supporter who through a punch at a protestor as well as the army of lefties that attacked his event.

The pundits have raised their shrill voice to accuse Trump of creating the environment for violence, as if Trump’s political speech is equal to that of the KKK. Rarely does anyone defend Trump on these networks, and when they do, they are always outnumbered by other pundits who barely let them get a word in.

I don’t know how Trump will do tomorrow. Polls are showing that Kasich might win Ohio. Rubio appears to be losing Florida. Hugh Hewitt is suggesting that Cruz will win Illinois.

If that happens, we will continue with this bitter primary contest that is exposing most establishment republicans as blatant traitors. They are doing everything they can to stop Trump, no matter how low, because they can’t control him.

Mitt Romney for example, is campaigning for Kasich in Ohio, without endorsing him. It paints a ridiculous picture of Romney on the stump and shows what a weasel he really is. He is not really supporting Kasich, so much as he is campaigning against Trump.

I really hope that with all the unfair attacks against Trump that the American people speak loudly tomorrow. I’m hoping for a #landslideTrump, but obviously I’m realistic that anything can happen. We could end up with everyone still in the race.

No matter what happens tomorrow, Trump will still be the frontrunner. This is a war of attrition, which may go all the way to the convention. As long as it is contested, it will be a brutal fight. While I expect that from the Democrats, it’s always going to be bitter fight with them, at some point, the republican establishment has to fall in line.

As long as they blame and badmouth Trump, they are helping Hillary. I find it remarkable that they would rather criticize Trump than the militant left, who, led by 1960s radical Bill Ayeres, came out in force to disrupt his Chicago event. But no one is even talking about Ayeres. Instead, one so-called republican after another blames it all on Trump. That makes them traitors in my book. The news networks are complicit, since they are enabling it by loading up their panels with Trump haters, both liberal and conservative, who will say anything to stop Trump.

Hopefully we will see vindication tomorrow. So far the American people have done the right thing for the most part, which is why Trump is leading. Let’s hope that trend continues.

Riot at Trump Rally

#landslideTrump over Protests that turn violent

By Bill Keck

Tonight Black Lives Matters, the militant left, hispanic protestors converged on a Trump rally violently, shutting down the rally. So now we have non-stop news coverage banging on Trump, blaming him for inciting violence. This is ridiculous, especially since the protest was organized by

Van Jones, who previously had an emotional debate with Jeffery Lord about race relations, is now trying to address Trump directly via CNN. Jones appears to simultaneously be pleading to Trump to watch his language and at the same time trying to vilify him. Fortunately Don Lemon cut him off when he started to say that no one else had protests, which obviously is not true.

Don Lemon objects to Trump’s tone. Bob Beckel objects to Trump’s tone. They are democrats, that is understandable. But how do you explain the republicans that go down this road? It’s simple. They are traitors, pundits paid by CNN and FOX to attack our frontrunner. They don’t deserve to call themselves republicans.

There were 10,000 protestors showing up to disrupt his rally. This was a coordinated hit by the mob to stop him from speaking. Now the media is trying to hang it on Trump.

I look at it like this. Imagine a criminal throws a rock through the window of your house, and you get blamed for having a window. We’ve all heard this story before. It’s how we end up blaming the police for crime.

What this does is inspire me to say #landslideTrump. I see it coming. There is no way we are sitting still for this. We’ve had to take these fake narratives about race and violence for the last 7 years, but that will soon be over.

Honestly, I expected there to be violent resistance to Trump. If people are rioting in the streets over treatment by the police, how do you expect them to respond to a law and order candidate, who says he will enforce the border?

Well, this is one way you know it’s real. Trump will enforce the border and the protestors are terrified of an America that returns to law and order. The left is organizing to violently prevent Trump from being elected. It won’t work.

Now matter how much the media will try to lay the violence on Trump, and believe me, they are going to bang that drum relentlessly, no sane person is going to buy it. The militant left will be on board with that, but like I said, no sane people would swallow that story.

This is really the last chance to stop Trump’s momentum. On Tuesday, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri will vote and they are desperate to stop him. The good news for us is that all this will have the opposite of the intended result. Trump is going to win big. #lanslideTrump.

Debate Not Game Changer

Last Debate Before Florida Notable for Dullness

By Bill Keck

We had the last Republican debate before the Florida and Ohio vote tonight. Rubio had a good night, restoring his integrity. He didn’t attack Trump. Cruz threw some underhanded insults at Trump with a polite smile, but while Trump answered, he did not throw any major counter-punches. It was a nice civil debate, nothing like the bloodsport we have witnessing for the past month.

It was also incredibly boring. The candidates for the most part just reiterated positions that we have heard many times. There were moments when individuals would shine on policy questions, like when Rubio talked about closing the American Embassy in Cuba.

Trump, who went into with with very little to gain and just about everything to lose, came out ok. He is not the statesman that Rubio is, he is not the debater that Cruz is, and he is not the experienced middle of the road candidate that Kasich is.

Trump generally suffers in debates because it’s hard for him to show his strengths when he is being attacked by people that focus on his weaknesses. Trump is not a perfect candidate. We all know that. But he is a complete outsider to the system and that is a strength the others can’t replicate. None of them is the man that Trump is.

He is not a politician. He doesn’t sound like one. But there’s not point in outdebating him. Memorized speaking points sound great, but don’t accomplish much at the end of the day. This is just how it is. Trump has already won. The others just don’t know it yet.

Trump Scores Big Wins

Trump Wins Big, Taking Mississippi, Michigan, and Hawaii

By Bill Keck

Despite an avalanche of negative attacks from superpacs, establishment republicans, and mainstream media pundits, Trump dominated last night, taking 3 out of 4 states up for grabs. Trump survived intense bitterness and rancor coming from every direction. He also survived a slow-down in momentum that occurred over the weekend, when Cruz took more delegates in a split decision.

Trump’s victory restored his momentum and put distance between him and the other candidates. Kasich for example, didn’t even get second place in a state next door to his home state of Ohio. His viability as a candidate is now over.

As bad as it was for Kasich, it was even worse for Rubio, who consistently lagged, failing to reach the minimum threshold for delegates, coming away with no delegates. Given that he trails Trump in the polls in his home state of Florida, voices are rising for him to get out of the race, so that Cruz can have a better chance.

But whether Rubio is in or out, it will make little difference in Florida. Trump is unstoppable. For anyone to have survived the sustained and brutal attacks that Trump has overcome, is nothing short of superhuman.

I thought the vicious attack from Mitt Romney last week would hurt Trump. It didn’t, not even in Michigan, a state where Romney has a family history. But Romney’s attack didn’t dissuade anyone. Perhaps that because it was a dishonest attack.

It became apparent to me, after watching Sean Hannity compare the attack lines between Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney, that they were both ticking off talking points supplied to them by a 3rd party. This is why Romney claimed Trump had so many defunct businesses, when in fact they are real, which Trump took the pains to demonstrate at his victory speech/press conference.

A lot of pundits thought it was unpresidential of Trump to display his product lines and talk about them as if it were an infomercial. But I didn’t feel that way. I thought it was important for Trump to show just how phony and unfair the attacks against him were. The attacks by the establishment are not likely to subside until after Florida.

Trump also addressed this in his speech. He talked about an ad they were running that showed him cursing. When I saw that ad, I laughed. I thought it was great because it showed Trump making tough statements about what he wants to do and at the same time showed just how different he is from everyone else.

Trump liked the ad as well, requesting that they keep running it. Let me restate that for clarity. Trump wants them to keep running the attack ad against him. So how cool is that? You can take it as a measure of just how stupid the opposition is, that they would run an ad against Trump that is actually a positive for him.

Trump talked about uniting the party and this is going to become an important task for him. At this point, only Cruz remains an opponent with any strength at all, I would expect to see that evaporate after Florida and Ohio.

Cruz benefit from Caucuses in conservative states like Iowa and Kansas, especially ones that were closed only to republicans. But the states that are coming do not favor Cruz and his candidacy is going to sink quickly after next Tuesday.

That leads me to wonder if the people running against Trump will leave the race with dignity or will they extend their candidacies for as long as possible to try to play the role of spoiler. Only time will tell, but we should know rather quickly.

We will see how the debate goes tomorrow night. After, that, we are queued up for one heck of a fight next Tuesday.

Trump Strong in Polls for Michigan

Polls Put Trump Ahead in Michigan and Florida

By Bill Keck

The night before the Michigan primary, polls have Trump getting as much as 42% of the vote, depending on the poll. Most of the polls have Cruz far behind in second place, but one poll has a strong showing for Kasich in second.

However, if you watch CNN, you would think that Cruz is leading in Michigan. This is because the mainstream media tries to spin the data on Trump as negatively as possible. They point to Cruz’s surge over the weekend, where he took Maine unexpectedly. Kansas was probably always going to go to Cruz.

Nevertheless, they point to the Cruz victories as proof that Trump support is waning, and Cruz is ascending. Conveniently, they fail to mention that these were closed caucuses, not open to democrats who want to cross over. Caucuses are complicated and this format has not favored Trump. In open primaries, Trump does better because he attracts many democrats and independents to the process and they vote for him.

So in a more restrictive environment, Cruz picked up some momentum. I doubt he will sustain it. There’s nothing in the Michigan polling to suggest Cruz has traction there, and once Trump takes Michigan, and hopefully Idaho as well, he will have regained the initiative.

At that point, he will be pretty much unstoppable in Florida, a winner take-all state, which is voting next week. Ohio votes on the same day, and Kasich, the Governor of the State, is pushing hard for a win there, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

Trump is ahead at the moment in Ohio, however, a loss of momentum tomorrow would not help, and that’s something that could push it towards Kasich.

One more obstacle for Trump this week is the CNN debate. Yes, another debate, where we will see Rubio attacking from the left and Cruz attacking from the right and Kasich pretending to be above it all. The moderators will do their best to sabotage Trump and the audience will be packed with supporters of everyone except Trump.

We’ve seen this so often that we are already tired of it. There’s no upside for Trump in this debate, but he can’t really afford to skip it either. So we’re stuck with another week of mudslinging and low-grade politics.

If Trump were to win Michigan, Idaho, Ohio, and Florida, it’s pretty much game over. Cruz’s momentum will be gone and Rubio will have made a career out of losing at that point. Kasich has promised to hang it up if he doesn’t win Ohio and that makes a lot of sense. Even at this point, there isn’t much justification for his candidacy.

If Trump wins less convincingly, or it’s somehow more or less evenly split with Cruz, then we get a fuzzier picture. In the long run, Trump will most likely get the most delegates, since at this point, most of the south has already voted and Cruz is not going to do well in New York, California and Pennsylvania.

If Trump wins the majority of delegates, but fails to get the 1247 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination, we could have a contested convention. This is the scenario that much of the media is pushing, as well as establishment attack dog Mitt Romney. They’re in love with this idea of brokering the convention and putting their choice up, instead of that of the peoples.

Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus has done his best to squash these rumors, but the media has got ahold of this narrative and they keep pushing it. They keep asking, is this the end of the Republican Party?

No, it’s a tough nominating process. And even though there are people talking about who they will not vote for under any circumstances, only a hypocrite of the worst order would stand idly by and let Hillary get elected president. I have enough faith in the American people to believe that is not going to happen.

The more convincing the wins by Trump tomorrow, the quicker the internal bickering will be over. It’s going to an interesting 24 hours…